Enlightened PH GP Portal Hunt

Duration: December 24 2013 to January 23, 2104
Goal: Destroy Resistance Guardian Portals

The Resistance has failed this country. There is a smurf infestation that needs to be controlled and then eliminated. To crush them, we must destroy portals that they hold dear. We must hunt and destroy Resistance guardian portals.


Destroy resistance guardian portals. For each portal destroyed, the player/s get smurf tears (points) equivalent to the age in days of the destroyed portal. If a group of enlightened players attacked the portal, each player gets the portal age score. Bonus points are awarded for special cases such as out of town portals, group assaults, etc.

  • Detailed list of bonus points are given below. 
  • Bonus Points (bonus points are given to each player):
  • Group Attack 8 or more players: +40 points
  • Group Attack 3 or more: +20 points
  • Group Attack 2 players: +10 points
  • Presence challenged by resistance (should pass PC): +10 points
  • Portals in provinces: +25 points
  • Lolo Bonus: +20 points for 110 days or higher in age
  • Tito Bonus: +10 points for portals 75 days to 88 days in age 
  • L8 Portal Destruction Bonus: +10 points
  • L8 Portal Building Bonus: +10 points
  • Identification of portals not in the GP :  +20 points
Note: If you are able to find guardian portals 50+ days in age not in the official GP list by January 2, please notify me via pm so I can add it. We're currently updating the list to include portals in the Vis-min and north Luzon.

How to claim Smurf Tears
After successfully destroying guardian portals, the player must post a screen cap of the portal captured or destroyed (in case you can’t capture it but are able destroy the portal i.e. range capture issues) on the Enlightened PH g+ community and tag +Pierre San Diego to claim points. The Smurf Tears Leaderboard will be regularly updated (hopefully daily) with each player and the cumulative points gained. In case the player wants to remain anonymous on g+, he/she may send the screencap to me or any of the moderators and we’ll post the pics in the community. For group attacks, you just need to post one screencap and indicate all the players involved in the post. Also, to help me in scoring, please indicate the score you think you earned with the relevant bonus points included and detailed.

At the end of the first season, prizes will be given to the top 3 players. We’re still consolidating pledges for the loot but so far we have the future enlightened PH shirt, Jarvis and ADAs, rare and very rare multi hacks and heat sinks, bursters, resonators, power cubes, power bank, cash (1000 php), and macaroons. If you want to contribute to the loot, please send me a message.

Guardian Portal Finder:
RES PH Guardian Portal Finder APP (Google Playstore) | Google Maps GP Location
Guardian Portal List:
Resistance GP Hitlist | Hitlist Google Docs Version

Achievement List

Local Record:

First L8 player - Encapsulation

First countrywide field to cover Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao during the #Cassandra Anomaly. (See attached screenshot)

Global Contribution:

First to get more than 100 million mind unit contribution in Operation: Encapsulation to the Global Enlightened.

Enlightened Philippines: The Northern Expedition

The 1,300 Km scouting expedition that turned into a counter-ops that netted us 6 million MUs vs 4 million MUs from the enemy. This is the expedition that paved way to Ops Boomerang that got 33 million MUs for the Enlightened. Even featured by Google and Niantic community manager: Brandon Badger


When signed-up with us, other Filipino Enlightened agents can help you level up fast by providing you with in-game items such as resonators, XMP bursters, portal keys, and powercubes They can also provide tips and tricks no how you can level-up faster, attack portals, and how to efficiently field for maximum AP acquisition. Joining us will also provide you the chance to join scheduled tanking sessions during weekends or weekday evenings. Fill up the form below to join: